Shannon Richardson has small roles in walking dead and sandra bullock’s ‘blind side’. you probably wouldnt recognize her then. she sent poisonous letters to obama. idiot…why would someone put their name on it? did she put her return address on it, too? has she even heard of fingerprints? did she even clear her internet search? did she do it ’cause she realizes her hubby doesn’t love her? “I’m not a bad person. I don’t have it in me to hurt anyone.”

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doesn’t she realize that it’s better to come clean? she tried to blame her husband, husband, Nathan Richardson on it. really? you’re that stupid. his prints weren’t on it! she couldn’t even keep her story straight? did she make it too complicated? she was ordered to pay 367k in restitution. she admitted her estranged hubby was not involved. umm…but still keep lying? still thinks she has credibility. i hope she doesn’t find out about his blog. aaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

ps she was an extra in a few tv shows according to wikipedia. uhhhh…how long did she wait in lines to be an extra and did she bang a producer or something?


svu’s “Spousal Privilege”: my review of the episode and detectives

the svu detectives watch a video (from a spoof of tmz) where a drunk couple are fighting. he spanks her and the next thing you know he’s dragging her body out. he’s a celebrity who’s an ex-nfl player and current sportscaster. benson seems to be the only bright detective because she thinks that he knocked her out. if she fell and hurt herself, could the big, buff ex-athlete and nfl star just carry her out? plus, he seems to be violent. i’m not saying try him then and there, but bring him in for questioning and try to scare him into thinking that you’re on to him. make him back off a bit? or will that just make it worst? rollins states that, “it ain’t easy dragging out a 100 pound of drunk.” or something.

benson and fin question the couple. she asks to use the bathroom in order to separate them. by the way, he snapped at his 8 year son with his girlfriend ’cause he wanted to show them something but interrupted the grownups. the son was terrorifed.

at the police station, benson points out that the boy is terrorifed of his dad, but fin just says that his mother beat his ass and, so, he was terrorifed of his mother, too. benson tells them that the father has anger issues and is shocked at her team’s argument ‘gainst her. rollins points out that in the south, they had to pick their own switch. amaro said that he was beat, too. they think it teaches them right form wrong but the american academy of pediatrics opposes this and even spanking. spanking is illegal in 31 countries. you can’t beat a criminal but you can beat your own kid? seriously. hypocrisy. benson seems agitated,”you’re chalking this up to cultural differences.”

anyways, they watch the entire video and realize see aj knocking his wife out. he had previously stated that she was attacking him, but he defended himself and she fell. he got scared. benson pointed out the weight difference, but little people can do some serious harm. broken nose, black eyes, bloody lips, knocked out teeth, bruises, ect.  anyways, i digress. the team picks him up. would they ignore it in real life? celebrities have money, so they can hire the best lawyers. aren’t they afraid of fans coming after them? celebrities’ stalkers? the media accusing them of giving preferential treatment to celebrities. (paula was a newscaster who made 1/100 of his salary.) they even reference ray rice. benson: “After Ray Rice…if it looks like domestic violence, we follow up.”

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the defense and the couple play the race card, claiming that the police is after him ’cause he’s a successful black man, so he needs to be taken down a notch. in the middle of the trial, they get married. needless to say, aj is saving his own ass ’cause you can’t make spouses tesify against each other. something tells me that he doesn’t trust paula. meanwhile, paula, foolishly trusts him with her life and the life of her son. paula’s criticized for staying with him.

calhoun is the defense’s lawyer. she keeps arguing that the two are a passionate couple and it was a heat of the moment thing that got out of hand. she has their priest on the stand who claims that they are a loving couple of equals. he claims that they’re good people. calhoun tells the jury that aj is working on his issues and is in anger management. benson states that she doesn’t believe that works. calhoun argues that their detective was in it and he is back in the squad. benson states that amaro is a decorated cop who lost his temper with a child molestor and not his wife. i’m surprised that calhoun didn’t mention that he was not convicted and it was so recent! maybe, the show is trying to say that defense attorneys feel guilty sometiems and subconsciously tyr to sabotague their cases? probably just lazy writing. benson explains to the jury that victims often stay with their abusers because of emotional and/or financial dependence on them. she forgets to mention physcial safety? the fear of the sadness and/or betrayal the son may face? victims might know that abuse escalates when the victim threatens to leave?

he says he’s sorry. he’s charismatic. the prosecutor, barba, thought he’d lose because she didn’t want ot testify and he’s charismatic. he only agreed ’cause he got angry at calhoun and aj. that doesn’t make sense? wouldn’t he be angrier if he loses (which he think he will?) are the writers trying to say the jury is stupid? they seem to imply that a lot and casey novak, a former ada, even stated “no jury is that stupid” after they find out about the case where the grandma is poisoning her own granddaughter for donations. it’s the episode where they base it on the michael jackson case.

barba shows the jurry that paula is a victim, even though she claims she’s not and they’re in love and will work it out on their own along with their priest’s help and anger management class. she takes part of the blame and points out that they were both drunk. he points out that she quit her job as an a and e reporter to be with him. she moves in wiht a much older man after a few months. he asks her the last time she spent time with guys, girlfriends, or her sister without him there? paula just says that aj is her life as well as her son and home. he asks her when the last time she spent time with anyone close to her. he asks if it’s because they don’t approve. he points out that she looks at him before answering. he tells her not to be afraid of him ’cause he can’t hurt her. does he really care about her or trying to get sympathy from the jurors? both? she snaps that she wont leave him and he asks if she’s heard that statement from her sister and/or friends that she ought to do that.

calhoun makes a desparate argument that what happened happened out of the blue, they were both drunk, came from homes where violence is expected, they were stressed out from the event and from his fans (aggravated tone which seems to impy that she’s trying to scapegoat them; really desparate matter), and concludes that they will tear his family apart. she says that she doesn’t think that this is what the justice system is supposed to be about and asks them if they think that that is what it’s about. (she doesnt go for the race card. )

she seems to act really passionate because seh thinks it’ll help win the jury over. part of her must have known that she’s going to lose ’cause she tried to stop a cross-examination and she was so shocked that she los the case? she probably wanted the judge to toss the “not guilty” verdict but the judge dismisses the jury. she coudn’t even finish her sentence. i wonder if she’ll stop representing criminals. she’s the go-to lawyer for the svu detectives. maybe she’ll even be a prosecutor again?

Barba states that by not convicting aj, the jury is sending a message out to society that it’s ok to beat your wife, to control her, to intimidate her,ect. he points out that society has grown and understand that women are not property. barba implies that aj thinks of her as his property. i wonder if he’s not allowed to say it. he’s found guilty, but barba thinks he’ll get 2 years aka the minimum. their dr (witness) stated that he could’ve killed her since he’s so strong (ex pro athlete) or given her a serious cranial injury(brain). barba points out that aj doesn’t care abou this wife which is why he picked her up like garbage and that he knew how dangerous it was for her to be unconscious, yet he didn’t get her any medical attention.

sub-plot: rollins states that a woman can be blamed for causing a man to attack her. she’s drunk and she gets in nick (her lover)’s face and shoves him several times in front of the entire bar. he smashes the glass and walks away. (he pays extra for it.) amaro merely states he’s doing what aj should’ve done. so…if the couple hate each other, why are they staying together? cant get anybody ’cause of their job? doubt it. just bizarre. oh, she seems to be a lousy detective at this point. plus, the illegal gambing club.

it’s sad that domestic violence is focused thanks to celebrity beatings. (benson states that hey check out cases that look like domestic violence after ray rice. real life ray rice story: reinstated to nfl on nov. 28th, baltimore ravens fired him, got counseling instead of sentencing. the tmz bit of this episode is like the video of him beating her.) so society thinks celebrites are better than the rest of us? what happened to we are all created equal? well, it’s obviously not true. some look better, some are far more resilient, some (20%) are dandelion children which means victims of child abuse yet grow up w/o any psychological problem, some 1/3 children of self-made millionaires grow up to be failures despite all the parental encouragement, support, ect. some even survived concentration camps w/o losing self-worth. (see dr dean ornish’s reversing heart diease). they believe that self-worth comes from within.

by the way, series star Mariska Hargitay (benson), runs the Joyful Heart Foundation which fights domestic violence and has done so for over a decade. she became interested after she won the role of det(now sergeant…wonder if elliot would’ve become one if meloni hadn’t left ’cause he wanted more money) benson.

My Review of SVU: Glasgowman’s Wrath (episode where girl helps her friend try to kill her little sister and they both get away with it)

Needless to say, the three girls were pathetic, miserable losers. 10-year-old Zoe is the perpetual punching bag of her 12-year-old sister, Mia, and her best friend, 13-year-old Perry. (i wouldn’t be surpised if they were hooking up ’cause the two girls’ lives basically revolve around each other). what kind of 10 year old keeps tagging along with her sister’s who’s an obvious bitch to her? the show starts with the two older girls scaring zoe when she’s asleep at perry’s house or apartment. does zoe have friends? if not, why doesn’t she just join some clubs and meet people? you don’t have to have friends to have plenty of positive social interaction. maybe just read, take strolls, bike around, watch tv, listen to music, ect.why didn’t the mom(s) of the sisters encourage the two to stay away from each other? ps based on a real story where girls goes into woods and stabs the one who ,somehow, manages to get a boyfriend.

next thing we know, Zoe’s found, nearly stabbed to death, by a birdwatcher who’s lost a marble. carisi had to explain to her that they are asking about what the man looked like after zoe’s found; not the bird. her femoral artery would’ve been pierced if the wound had gone two mm deeper. the birdwatcher descibed him as a turkey vulture and told him to shoo. seriously? doesn’t this lady know anything? umm….if he had been the killer, would go after me like he did the little girl? hmm…makes me wonder. i did see him acting so weird around a bleeding girl who may actually be dead. heaven or hell? purgatory? or somewhere great beyond?

zoe wakes up and remembers a lot. this is tv. zoe tells the detectives, amaro and rollins, that her sister and her best friend are missing. they were sleeping over at her sister’s best (and only) friend’s house. it turns out that mia and perry have been planning this for quite some time. they lied to each other’s parents about who they were have a sleepover with. also, zoe is 10, but she seriously believed that they were looking for a creature that is powerful enough to let them live in his dimension and they dont have to follow any rules? the is a lame get rich quick scheme. what kind of 10 year old falls for that? most 10 year olds already know the truth about…santa claus, the easter bunny, ect. why would she trust her sister who treats her like crap? why does mia feel so little affection towards her sister? what the fuck is wrong with her mother? is the other lady her mother’s girlfriend? it was never established in the episode. if she’s lesbian, then there’s a higher chance that mia is, as well.

the detectives attempt to locate the other girls. zoe’s phone is found at the bottom of perry’s hamster’s cage. mia’s and perry’s are there, too. why would they put them there? what if the hamster poops on there? they ditched the phones because they didn’t want them to be found but aren’t there plenty of other hiding places.

benson finds out from zoe about them trying to find big foot-bill gates-god. just pointing out that he’s rich and not suggesting that bill gates is involved in something like this in real life. seriously. while they cant find perry or mia, they find a crazy caveman. this man doesn’t take his meds and is mentally ill. the gov is actually watching this guy. he came out screaming and was tased by an untrained cadet. (real cops gone somewhere; i forgot.) carisi stops it. this man believes that cells will kill him and the gov uses them to track him down.

at the police station, carisi talks to him and gets him to trust him (magically quick or he’s desparate for some company? maybe svu should try to make the timeline a little bit more realistic) guy’s name is charlie. charlie says that he found zoe bleeding and wanted to try to get her help. his eyepatch covers one eye and he has carisi adjust it by putting it over the other eye when he goes in to the sunshine and when he goes into his little cave (it’s so small…er i mean cozy) to retrieve the surviellence device left there by the government. presumedly, the federal gov, the un, ect. it was the camera of the girls. rollins find a bloody knife. evidence is pointing towards him being the stabber.

charlie explains about the knife. the detectives watch the footage and zoe confesses about what they were doing during their scary fun time. apparently, zoe believed that they’ll find a gateway in the woods in the dark where they will find the Glasgowman, who will invite them into his mansion where there’s no rules and no school. and people with glasses are supposed to be smart! turns out the babysitter of perry told them the story. perry’s mommy has a hard time finding a babysitter. what kind of 12 year old needs a babysitter? she just turned 13. this is a made-up character by perry’s babysitter, leslie, who was convinced that the girls knew it was a story. well, 2 of them did. leslie was doing a graphic novel where the three girls were covered in blood. um…why are all the people in this story crazy? the police threatens to tear his place apart ’til they find what they’re looking for. leslie surrenders the location of the gateway. 2 of his clients could be missing and/or dead, yet he doesn’t help the police? yeah, he’s not going to be babysitting anytime soon.

when the cops arrive, rollins spots a dead cat. it was stabbed in the heart. perry’s arm was stabbed and mia was tied up. both girls were dehydrated. their story doesnt match up. perry said she was fighting him off, but no bruises. plus, her wounds were too fresh for her timeline. and the dead cat. yeah, the police jumped to the obvious conclusion: the two girls did it. perry only stabbed herself to pass herself off as crazy, so she wouldn’t get in trouble.

the girls are interviewed separately for obvious reasons. mia claims that perry’s crazy and they only wen tinto the woods to scare zoe by abandoning her for a little while. she claimed that perry just grabbed a rock to knock zoe out, stab her several times, and put a knife over mia’s throat. she made her cover up her little sister. the police don’t buy it; they acted sane and tried to pin the blame on the crazy guy up until the moment when they realize that the police is on the them. they must watch a lot of cop shows and didn’t record what they planned to do on to their phones and computers. the police could retrieve it even after they delete it. the girls are really brave. they really know how to lie to the police. i’m impressed and they know how to pass themselves off as crazy.

perry stabbed the cat ’cause the cat was Glasgowman and he wanted her to kill mia. then, perry’s arm got too hot, so she stabbed it to cool it off. the police unleased this god-thing because they rescued them. perry tells the same story in court. the judge buys this ridiculous story (and, sadly, so does Carisi who argued that mia would never hurt her little sister…which is really weird ’cause he doesn’t know them) and Mia gets no time while Perry is sentenced to a mental facility. lots of criminals could learn from perry and easily get away with their crimes. in the elevator, there is scary music which probably means that the two girls will try to (and succeed) in getting rid of that zoe. perry’s mother is pissed at mia’s mother. no explanation. could the writers be saying that perry gets her nastiness from her? carisi watches mia pinky-swear zoe. since mia made eye contact first, could mia have been the mastermind?

how to avoid a similar situation: be nice, be safe, stay away from bitches who dont like you, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. zoe, get some self-respect.